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FRITEC is a brake manufacturing company with over 30 years of experience in the automotive market. We have developed world-class products and we have an organizational structure that allows us to develop new technologies for the manufacture of friction materials.

Nowadays our lines are leaders in their field, innovation and constant pursuit of excellence through continuous improvement in the quality of our processes and products has increased our competitiveness in the market.

We have a wide range product lines with a variety of applications such as:

>Integrally Disc Brake Pads for cars, trucks, buses & off road applications.

>Air Brake Block for tucks and buses.

>One Way Drum Brake Shoe with lining, for automotive, medium trucks and some emergency parking brakes.

>Disc Brake with Hardware, the most complete range of accesories such as: retainers, ant rattle clips, caliper and pad wire springs, metallic guides, and hardware for automotive brake pads.

>Industrial Products for Wind Turbines, Railway, Metro Wagons, Agricultural and Oil industry, Power Plants, Construction, Mining and Off-road vehicles.

>Linings for hydraulic drum brakes for taxis, buses, vans, cars SUV's.

>Motorcycle brake pads developed for Go Karts, recreational vehicles, and Golf cars applications. FRITEC CERAMIC BRAKE PADS



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