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Founded in August 1998, We started its activities producing roof air coolers for trucks and later for agriculture equipment. Recently, it launched in the market the tyre pressure controls, as a result of a continuous company commitment in offering superior quality products. Resfri Ar has ISO 9001, ISO TS16949 and ISO14001 certification and provides to OEM´s and more than 17 countries.

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The air conditioner includes cooling module installed on the roof of the cab at the sunroof and the water tank normally placed on the rear wall of the cab. It produces and provides a constant flow of moist air inside the cabin through the blower motor operation through a straw / fiber filter moistened with water. The device can be controlled from the control panel on the device while traveling and with the remote control.
The air conditioner uses the cooling air in the course of evaporation of the water (at the time when the air temperature causes the evaporation of water). As a result, the cooler air stream passes through the air conditioner into the cabin. For best performance is achieved in a high-temperature and low-humidity.
Our product has enjoyed great popularity in countries such as Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Benelux and Denmark.

The advantages:
* Can operate while the engine is switched off as well!
* Air conditioner improves the efficiency of the drivers who rest during the hot summer breaks daily or prohibitions emissions. Comfort recreation has a direct impact on their better and more efficient work
* Has a very low operating costs
* Savings in fuel costs! (Vehicle equipped with a water conditioner is not exposed to additional consumption by the engine driving the air conditioning when stationary), Air has a low power consumption and battery power alone. In optimal conditions, the investment pays for itself after a few months!

• Power supply voltage 12 or 24 V
• Cooling capacity: 4-8 C
• perceptible drop in temperature: 8-12 C
• Low power consumption: 2.65 AMP / h on average, 24V

A minimum of 0.05 A / h
Average 3.20 A / h
Maximum 8.7 A / h

• The fan has 10 speeds max. 4000 rev. / Min
• Air flow at max speed 400 m3 / h
• The blower motor is a Bosch pump VDO.
• The water tank has a capacity of 30 liters and dimensions / HxWxL / 98 x 39 x 9 cm
• Weight conditioner ~ 16 kg
• Water consumption 500 - 1500 ml / h (water in the tank is sufficient for continuous use from 11-37 hours)

The standard machine is supplied with white housing

Please download our latest presentation from here.


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